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Automation Technologies 4/2016

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Automation Technologies 4/2016


COLOMBIA SLOVAKIA IA North America: discover new technologies in the industrial and manufacturing sector Industry 4.0: architecture models that makes complexity manageable Innovations in automation connectivity and control devices Inline inspection as an integral part of quality control like us on facebook News and markets COLUMNS Editorial Imprint Product news Economical reliability of electronic pressure switches Ultrasonic through-beam sensors – ideally suited for critical applications COMPONENTS AND SOFTWARE Innovations in automation connectivity and control devices Plants at the press of a button? TABLE OF CONTENT NEWS AND MARKETS Global economic trends, US Industrial outlook and T-TIP 6 international trade shows, one city and countless opportunities “Trade fairs, you shouldn’t miss” Larry Turner about the show 2016 SENSORS AND MEASUREMENT Photoelectric sensors are ahead of the competition CONTROL AND DRIVE TECHNOLOGY Collaborative robot (Cobot) takes over labelling tasks INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION RAMI 4.0 and IIRA reference architecture models – perspective and focus Overcoming IoT complexity with a platform-based approach MACHINE VISION Smooth inline quality control Temperature guns versus thermal imaging technology Visions for the future – 30 years of competence in industrial image processing AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 4/2016

News and Markets Igus increases sales by 18 percent Igus, one of the leading international manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings, achieved sales of 552 million Euros (2015) with its motion plastics, an 18 % rise compared to the preceding year. Out of the total sales, 55 % was achieved in Europe, 27 % in Asia and 18 % in America and Africa. The reason is that highperformance plastics for motion continue to be in great demand all over the world. Guarantees of growth continue to be e-chains, cables and bearing technology but relatively new ball bearing and low-cost automation products are also acquiring increasingly greater significance. “The era of plastics for motion has begun”, says Frank Blase, CEO of igus GmbH. “motion plastics are lubrication-free and corrosion-free, while requiring very little maintenance, and are proving their worth in more and more applications due to their low weight, durability and energy efficiency, especially compared to conventional metal solutions.” The great majority of orders are for individually configured modules such as an assembled energy chain with 500 individual components and more. Rittal will be investing 250 million euros Rittal will be completely restructuring its production operations in Germany by 2018 and is investing 250 million euros in the region. The world’s most state-of- theart production plant for compact enclosures will be built in Haiger, and production of stainless steel and blackplate will start on new machines by 2018. The first compact enclosures were produced in Rittershausen 55 years ago and were considered the ultimate in innovation. This success story is now set to continue in Haiger – with Industry 4.0 structures laying the foundation for highly efficient production, logistics and communication processes. “The industry is changing, so we need to as well – and we must always keep our eyes firmly on the opportunities this offers. Rittal has already successfully negotiated a great many changes and I’m proud of my employees and the works councils, who help tackle the challenges and actively support the company’s strategy,” stresses Dr. Loh. “This is the biggest investment in the company’s history,” reveals Dr. Loh. HIGH PRECISION LASER SCANNER for profile and gap measurement Compact design with integral controller For high speed, high precision measurements Comprehensive software included Easy set up using predefined measurement programs Choice of interfaces for direct connection to PLC Blue laser scanner for red-hot glowing and organic objects Phone +49 8542 1680 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014 5